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Gut Health Subscription Bundle

Gut Health Subscription Bundle

Ongoing Relief and Protection

Herbal Harmonizer plus Micro Mist Utra D3 - the easy way to maintain a balanced and protected Gut Microbiome.
100% Plant BasedNon GMOMonthly Subscription

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This is a monthly subscription of our two most popular products. Subscriptions can be stopped, started, altered or paused at any time.

Renew and protect your gut each day with the delicious plant-based partnership of Herbal Harmonizer with CleanCurcumin™ and Micro Mist Ultra D3.

CleanCurcumin™ is the only Curcumin product designed to benefit the Microbiome.

The Curcumin is embedded in a proprietary plant-based matrix of prebiotic nano particles, making it an irresistibly healthy snack for gut microbes.

It's "Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine" - for microbes!

“8 weeks of Vitamin D supplementation has a stimulating effect on healthy bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria, strengthening the gut barrier and reducing gut inflammation”. Dr. Yamamoto - Lerner College of Medicine


CleanCurcumin™Master anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

Nano Frankincense

Nano FrankincenseAnti-inflammatory synergist

Beta Caryophyllene

Beta CaryophylleneAnti-inflammatory synergist

Carnosic + Ursolic Acid

Carnosic + Ursolic AcidImmune synergists

Nano Turmeric Oil

Nano Turmeric OilAbsorption synergist

Nano Black Pepper

Nano Black PepperAbsorption synergist

Green Tea

Green TeaAntimicrobial, enhances nutrient absorption, boosts immune system

Monk Fruit

Monk FruitAntioxidant, low sugar sweetness


Pineapple100% plant-based flavour


SteviaAnti-microbial, sugar-free sweetness, prevents tooth decay


CinnamonAntimicrobial, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums


LemongrassAntimicrobial, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism

Sweet Basil

Sweet BasilAntimicrobial, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory

Mountain Pepper

Mountain PepperAntimicrobial, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex100% plant-based antioxidant

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer MossPlant-based source of Vitamin D3 created by natural sunlight

Pine Needle

Pine NeedleAntimicrobial, tooth and gum relief, enhances mood and breathing


PeppermintAntimicrobial, enhances breathing, concentration and nutrient uptake


SpearmintAntimicrobial, relieves stress and sore throat, digestive enhancer


JambuAntimicrobial, enhances absorption, soothing relief of teeth and gums


RosemaryAntimicrobial, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant

Start with an empty glass, add a serving (two pumps) of Herbal Harmonizer into the empty glass then fill with water. If you like the taste to be strong use less water, if you want the taste to be weaker, use more water.

Next, add your Vitamin D to the glass using the supplied pipette (dropper). Fully squeeze then release the dropper to fill it. For a single serving squirt two full droppers into the glass to mix with Herbal Harmonizer.

Alternatively, instead of adding the Vitamin D to your drink, it can be used as a mouth spray and can be taken any time during the day like a breath freshener. A single serving is 5 pumps of the spray.