NEW Breakthrough for Gut Problems

How To Unlock The Healing Power Of Your Microbiome and Restore Gut Balance The Easy Way

Your gut is home to your Microbiome, a vast and powerful microbial workforce. For many people, over 40% of the world in fact, Microbiome imbalance has made their gut a war zone but the good news is a new natural plant-based nanotechnology is bringing needed relief at last.

Find out how...

Why It's So Important To Win The Battle of The Bowels

Gut facts you probably didn’t know…

  • Your body contains more microbial cells than human cells.
  • 99% of your genetic material is microbial, only 1% is human.
  • There are more nerves connecting your gut to your brain than there are in your entire spinal cord.
  • 95% of 'happiness hormone’ Serotonin is made by gut microbes.
  • Most of your immune system is located in your gut.

And those microbes don't just metabolize your food - they're pumping out chemical instructions that go to your brain, your immune cells, fat cells, healthy cells, cancer cells.

So it’s not just your gut that suffers with a defective Microbiome, it also affects:

  • emotions
  • appetite
  • body fat
  • concentration
  • learning
  • memory
  • immunity
  • inflammation
  • cancer

If your Microbiome isn't right, achieving the health you want becomes a never-ending struggle.

“All disease begins in the gut”


The bad news is that modern life is full of things that damage your Microbiome driving it out of balance and putting those trillions of little chemical factories to work against you.

But why YOU? Why are you one of the 40% of the world with this problem?

It turns out part of the problem may not be your fault.

Long term studies now prove that being born by C-section, being fed formula instead of breast milk or being exposed to antibiotics in early life compromises and permanently changes your developing Microbiome, undermining your future health.

“Destroying a 1yr old's microbiota with antibiotics impairs the immune system, hormones, metabolism and brain development.”

Professor Cryan - APC Microbiome Institute

“117 studies show antibiotic use in the first 6 months of life alters an infant's gut microbiome, setting them up for increased weight gain throughout life.”

Dr. Azad - University of Manitoba

“Establishment of healthy microbiome balance early in life appears critical to maintaining healthy intestines

Dr. Carding - Institute of Food Research

“The alteration in microbiota may explain why some individuals have a greater risk for certain diseases

Professor Zam - Tartous University Syria

These childhood imbalances help explain why...

  • You get sick while others with the same (or worse) lifestyle don’t
  • Your body clings to fat like it was magnetic while others eat junk and stay skinny
  • Even ‘healthy’ foods can feel like a bomb went off inside you while others eat whatever they like
  • Going to the toilet is often difficult, even painful instead of being effortless and regular

What About Probiotics, Fodmaps, FMT, Drugs and Fibre Supplements?

If those things worked, were easy and safe, you wouldn’t be here looking for a better solution.

Take Probiotics as an example…

There are as many as 100 trillion microbes in your gut with up to 10,000 different species, the makeup of which is as unique to each person as their fingerprint.

And yet, a probiotic product:

  • Is sending as few as 6 different species up against those hundreds and thousands.
  • Is not made for your unique Microbiome or health issues.
  • May contain a billion or more microbes, which sounds like a lot but compared to 100 trillion out-of-balance microbes, using a probiotic to restore balance could be like trying to cool down a bathtub full of hot water with a single spoonful of cold water.

“How do I feel about probiotics? Most of what’s out there is complete nonsense

Professor Cryan - APC Microbiome Institute

“There is no data whatsoever for the vast majority of the probiotics on sale”

Professor Bjarnason - Kings College London

You won't believe what some people are now resorting to...

You could try FMT, it's getting some great results in clinical trials but…FMT stands for Fecal Microbial Transplant. You literally have to consume someone else’s feces (poo) or have it pumped into your gut through tubes. (Yep - that picture above is real)

And to have it done in a clinic only costs $5,000 - $10,000 !!

Thankfully, there’s now a much better way to restore Microbiome balance, promote healing and enjoy lasting natural relief.



with CleanCurcuminTM

One of a kind CleanCurcumin™ is a superior new patent-pending Curcumin developed with 100% plant-based nanotechnology.

CleanCurcumin™ is the answer to three important questions that determine if Curcumin will help the gut or not...

  • Is it clean?
  • Can it be absorbed?
  • Can gut microbes metabolize it?

"Nano Nutrients have achieved true nano-scale within their CleanCurcumin ™. Our laboratory at UTS has confirmed nano-sized curcumin particles within their botanical technology, and my team and I are excited to continue further research with the Nano Nutrients team.”

Professor Brian Oliver
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

CleanCurcumin™ is Clean

As the name suggests, CleanCurcumin™ is clean and safe for every age group. It's manufactured in a state of the art GMP cleanroom and free from the harmful heavy metals, emulsifiers and other chemicals that secretly hide behind the labels of many other Curcumin products, chemicals that are known to destroy healthy gut microbes!

CleanCurcumin™ is Absorbable

Most Curcumin products consist of large insoluble particles that cannot be absorbed by the body and are repelled by the watery environment of the gut microbes. They pass out of the body untouched, going to waste.

“The majority of ingested Curcumin is excreted into the toilet unmetabolized”

Professor Jager - University of Tampa

CleanCurcumin™ has the world’s smallest 100% plant-based Curcumin particles, on average 1000 times smaller than regular Curcumin particles. The tiny water-soluble particles have vastly superior ability to penetrate problem areas of the body and permeate the watery enviroment surrounding gut microbes.

Microbes LOVE CleanCurcumin™

CleanCurcumin™ is the only Curcumin product designed to benefit the Microbiome.

The Curcumin is embedded in a proprietary plant-based matrix of prebiotic nano particles, making it an irresistibly healthy snack for gut microbes.

It's "Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine" - for microbes!

  • Keryn G. | Verified Buyer 11/04/24 NO MORE PAIN After struggling to find effective solutions for my son's Inflamed Bowels Disease and feeling frustrated by the lack of support from conventional gastroenterologists, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Through extensive research, I came across Nano Nutrients, and it's been a game-changer for us. I chose their Gut Problem Program supplements and the results have been remarkable. The highly soluble formula was easy to incorporate into my son's daily routine and within just two months, we've witnessed a significant improvement in my son's gut health. His bowel movements have become regular, and most importantly, he's no longer dependent on prescribed medications. It's been a life-changing experience for us.

Boost Your Biome

The preferred diet of gut microbes is fibre and polyphenols from plants, Organic plants. (Pesticides poison the Microbiome)

Healthy microbes use the energy from this fibre feast to multiply then thank us by flooding the gut and body with chemicals that keep us slim, happy and healthy.

Sounds simple but survey after survey reveal barely anyone eats enough organic plants to give the trillions of hungry microbes what they need to maintain a healthy gut garden.

Thankfully, Herbal Harmonizer with CleanCurcumin™ can help.

The Most Powerful Prebiotic Ever

Research has revealed absorbable Curcumin to be a potent prebiotic that has a far more dramatic effect on the Microbiome than an equivalent amount of dietary fibre.

In an 8 week placebo-controlled human trial to study the effect of Curcumin on the Microbiome, Curcumin caused a staggering 84% increase in healthy Microbiota species.

In trial after trial of this type, Curcumin has the effect of increasing the number of health-promoting microbes while decreasing the disease-forming ones.

“15 days of water soluble Curcumin consumption tripled the number of healthy bacteria while significantly reducing the number of toxic bacteria.”

Dr. Shen - Shandong University of Technology

“Curcumin has a considerable regulating effect on gut microbe richness, diversity and composition. Curcumin increases the number of beneficial bacteria and reduces the number of harmful bacteria.”

Dr. DiMeo - Italian Institute of Biosciences

Curcumin significantly increases the number of healthy bacteria while decreasing the number of harmful bacteria.”

Professor Zam - Medical Sciences University Syria

No other prebiotic can impact gut health in so many ways...

    Restore balance and diversity of gut microbes
    Restore the protective structure and function of the gut lining
    Normalise function and prevent auto-immune responses
    Flush out heavy metals and bacterial toxins
    Activates a multi-cell cascade of soothing anti-inflammation
    Increases release of a powerful natural gut healing substance

The World's Longest Curcumin Gut Health 'Experiment'

When it comes to Curcumin, there’s no competing with India.

They revere it, have festivals devoted to it and have had it at the top of their food pyramid for thousands of years, eating way more than any other people in the world.

So what does a lifetime of Curcumin consumption do to you?

  • India has the world’s LOWEST rate of Gut Disorders

  • and… the world’s LOWEST rate of Cancer

  • and… the world’s LOWEST rate of Dementia

  • and…is right at the BOTTOM of the list for Obesity

The world average for gut disorders is 600% higher than India.

gut disorders gut disorders

Gut Disorders - Percentage of Population
Worldwide Prevalence and Burden of Functional Gastroinstestinal Disorders 2021

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is practically non-existent in India, only 0.4% of the population. The rest of the world has on average 2200% more IBS than India. Russia has 4100% more!

BUT - there’s a catch. Only a tiny amount of the Curcumin in Turmeric is absorbed by the body as was proven in a human trial at the Cancer Research Center UK.

If you start early in life and eat a LOT of Turmeric every day for the rest of your life, the benefits build up over time.

However, if you didn’t start eating it as a child, don’t want to eat curry all day every day and don’t have a lifetime to wait, you need a faster easier way to nourish your Microbiome back to health and that’s Herbal Harmonizer with CleanCurcumin™.


8 Weeks To Better Gut Health

Herbal Harmonizer with CleanCurcumin™ plus 14 synergistic fruit, flower and herb extracts is the delicious way to start your insides on the road to recovery

Imagine All Of This Goodness Going To Work In Your Body Every Day...

  • Clean Curcumin CleanCurcumin™ Master anti-inflammatory antioxidant pre-biotic
  • Nano Frankincense Nano Frankincense Anti-inflammatory synergist
  • Beta Caryophyllene Beta Caryophyllene Anti-inflammatory synergist
  • Carnosic + Ursolic Acid Carnosic + Ursolic Acid Immune synergists
  • Nano Turmeric Oil Nano Turmeric Oil Absorption synergist
  • Nano Black Pepper Nano Black Pepper Absorption synergist
  • Green Tea Green Tea Stability enhancer, absorption synergist
  • Monk Fruit Monk Fruit Antioxidant, clean low-sugar sweetness
  • Pineapple Pineapple 100% plant-based flavour
  • Stevia Stevia Clean zero-sugar sweetness
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon Antioxidant, stability enhancer
  • Lemongrass Lemongrass Stability enhancer
  • Basil Basil Stability enhancer, immune synergist
  • Mountain Pepper Mountain Pepper Stability enhancer
  • Vitamin E Complex Vitamin E Complex 100% plant-based antioxidant

What People Have Been Saying...

Loudie Campbell, SA Before starting this program I was having one bowel movement a week, severe discomfort, cramps and diarrhea. After 8 weeks of Herbal Harmonizer I now have total comfort over my abdominal area and daily bowel movements. What a joyful blessing to have a balanced digestive system at 70 years of age!

Dr. Carel Bredell, SA I use Herbal Harmonizer every day because it really works. I am now a lifelong customer.

Anne-Marie Botha, SA Herbal Harmonizer is amazing, my whole family now uses it.

Dr. Sam Schulz, SA I started struggling with gut issues in childhood. The thing that really upsets me now is coffee but I need it to start my day so I put up with the pain it causes. Herbal Harmonizer has been like a fire extinguisher. It really soothes my tummy - no more pain!

  • Edwin C. | Verified Buyer 16/09/23 NO MORE PAIN I’m 85. Tried other Curcumin products but got no results. Then I tried Herbal! What a great product. No more pain.
  • Wila T. | Verified Buyer 03/02/23 I WON’T EVER BE WITHOUT IT My chronic pain came down from 2000 out of 10 to 3 out of 10 and my sleep has improved. I don't want to ever be without it.
  • Adri G. | Verified Buyer 03/02/23 HELPS WITH PAIN It has helped all sorts of aches and pains that other products could not. I will use them again and again.
  • Lindsay V. | Verified Buyer 13/03/23 POWERFUL INFLAMMATION BUSTER! I’ve been in the natural medicine industry for 28 years. This is the most exciting product I've ever taken and have seen it benefit so many people!
  • Alta L. | Verified Buyer 02/02/23 GREAT PRODUCTS - PAIN IS GONE After using it for 3 months my Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are now perfectly normal and the pain in my elbows is gone! You truly ROCK!
  • Sandy F. | Verified Buyer 03/02/23 AMAZING RESULTS We're seeing amazing results with the products. Just love them!

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NEW research has revealed your gut is teeming with Vitamin D receptors that need to be activated for your gut to be fully healthy

BUT... certain gut bacteria are needed in abundance before Vitamin D can be absorbed, consequently 25% of people struggle to absorb Vitamin D supplements.

And if you already have gut problems, it's probably even harder for you to absorb Vitamin D.

"A healthy microbiome high in butyrate producers seem to be necessary for activation of Vitamin D to reap its full benefits"

Dr. Thomas - University of California

As it so happens, the species of bacteria you need an abundance of, the 'butyrate producers' are the same ones that multiply when you consume absorbable Curcumin!

Absorbable Curcumin is the key to optimising your absorption of this gut-saving, life-changing Vitamin.

And Curcumin has also been shown to increase the number of Vitamin D receptors, so combining the two is a powerful way to tap into the full power of Vitamin D and transform the health of your gut like never before.

How Vitamin D Benefits The Gut

Vitamin D is directly involved in regulating the Immune System in the gut. Vitamin D deficiency weakens the gut barrier and unleashes damaging inflammation.

“8 weeks of Vitamin D supplementation has a stimulating effect on healthy bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria, strengthening the gut barrier and reducing gut inflammation

Dr. Yamamoto - Lerner College of Medicine

For Total Gut Health You Need a Vitamin D Product that WORKS

To overcome poor absorption we used our 100% plant-based nano technology to create ultra absorbable Micro Mist Ultra D3 and the results have been tremendous!

Lindsay - DNA Analysis Consultant DNA tests revealed I had difficulty absorbing Vitamin D and was at high risk for Osteoporosis. So I took 15,000 IU per day of an animal-based Vitamin D product for 8 months but couldn't get my Vitamin D levels above 58ng/ml.

I then switched to Micro Mist Ultra D3 twice a day and after 8 weeks my levels had risen to 93mg/ml, a 60% increase from less than half as much Vitamin D as I was previously taking.

I now feel so vibrant and alive, like my body is full of sunshine. It is a wonderful product, the absorption is absolutely amazing.

Rob, SA Your Vitamin D spray works. I get immediate relief and have also improved my sleep.

Marlene, SA After one month using Ultra D3 my chronic pain disappeared giving me a new lease on life.

Robin, SA Tests confirmed I had difficulty absorbing Vitamin D and that it was behind my lifelong tiredness. Less than a month after using Micro Mist Ultra D3 my tests came back normal and healthy, the first time ever.
I feel like I have my life back.

Micro Mist Ultra D3 gives you...

  • BETTER ABSORPTION Water soluble nanoparticles absorb faster and more completely for better faster more consistent results.
  • BETTER TASTE  Forget about choking down fish capsules, chemical cocktails or filling your mouth with oil. Micro Mist Ultra D3 is a delicious water-based mouth spray infused with invigorating herbal extracts that protect and promote the health of teeth, gums and airways.
  • NATURAL RELIEF Sugar-free and chemical-free with 12 synergistic antioxidant herbs including Jambu "the toothache plant" for gut health, immune support and soothing protection of teeth and gums.

What Micro Mist Ultra D3 Contains

  • Reindeer Moss Reindeer Moss Plant-based source of Vitamin D3 created by natural sunlight
  • Jambu Jambu Oral hygeine, enhances D3 absorption, soothing relief of teeth and gums
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon Oral hygeine, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums
  • Green Tea Green Tea Oral hygeine, enhances Vitamin D absorption, boosts immune system
  • Lemongrass Lemongrass Oral hygeine, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism
  • Peppermint Peppermint Oral hygeine, enhances breathing, concentration and Vitamin D uptake
  • Pine Needle Pine Needle Oral hygeine, tooth and gum relief, enhances mood and breathing
  • Rosemary Rosemary Oral hygeine, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant
  • Spearmint Spearmint Oral hygeine, relieves stress and sore throat, digestive enhancer
  • Stevia Stevia Clean zero-sugar sweetness
  • Sweet Basil Sweet Basil Oral hygeine, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory
  • Mountain Pepper Mountain Pepper Oral hygeine, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

How The Program Works


For the first thirty days you take a double serving of each product every day - on an empty stomach is best.


After your 30 day kickstart you take a single daily serving of each product to stabilize your recovering Microbiome.


To maintain your microbial momentum, keep your gut protected and in peak health continue taking a single serve of each product as the healthy habit you start each day with.


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