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Multi Mist For Kids 5 Pack US

Multi Mist For Kids 5 Pack US

Convenient Plant Based Protection for Vibrant Healthy Kids

100% of kids’ Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc plus CleanCurcumin™ for delicious whole body wellness.
100% Plant BasedNon GMO30 Day Supply X5

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Children’s immune systems face daily challenges, and while they possess considerable natural resilience, nutrition from a balanced diet and supplementation is optimal in order to offer adequate support in today’s world.

Multi Mist for Kids makes it easy for parents to provide their children with the foundational support they require by delivering 100% of the daily recommended daily intake (RDI) of natural plant-based real Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.

To further enhance support, we have also added our Herbal Harmonizer Complex™ which contains beneficial synergistic botanicals and CleanCurcumin™ with nano-sized, full-spectrum Curcumin particles – for highly absorbable, amplified antioxidants that help protect and boost health and wellness.

Our delicious Multi Mist for Kids is water soluble, absorbs fast and offers a fruity taste that kids love.

CleanCurcumin™ Nanoparticles

CleanCurcumin™ NanoparticlesMaster plant-based anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Nano Frankincense

Nano FrankincenseAnti-inflammatory synergist

Beta Caryophyllene

Beta CaryophylleneAnti-inflammatory synergist

Carnosic + Ursolic Acid

Carnosic + Ursolic AcidImmune synergists

Nano Turmeric Oil

Nano Turmeric OilAbsorption synergist

Nano Black Pepper

Nano Black PepperAbsorption synergist

Green Tea

Green TeaAntimicrobial, enhances nutrient absorption, boosts immune system

Monk Fruit

Monk FruitAntioxidant, low sugar sweetness


Pineapple100% plant-based flavour


SteviaAnti-microbial, sugar-free sweetness, prevents tooth decay


CinnamonAntimicrobial, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums


LemongrassAntimicrobial, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism

Sweet Basil

Sweet BasilAntimicrobial, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory

Mountain Pepper

Mountain PepperAntimicrobial, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex100% plant-based antioxidant

Acerola Cherry

Acerola CherryVitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, antioxidants

Amla Berry

Amla BerryVitamin C, antioxidants, immune synergist


Strawberry100% plant-based flavour, anti-microbials


JambuAntimicrobial, enhances absorption, soothing relief of teeth and gums


ZincImmune synergist

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer MossPlant-based source of Vitamin D3 created by natural sunlight


PeppermintAntimicrobial, enhances breathing, concentration and nutrient uptake

Pine Needle

Pine NeedleAntimicrobial, tooth and gum relief, enhances mood and breathing


SpearmintAntimicrobial, relieves stress and sore throat, digestive enhancer


RosemaryAntimicrobial, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant

Simply spray into the mouth where it quickly absorbs and floods the body with a harmonious blend of beneficial botanicals. Enjoy once a day or as often as required for a healthy boost of essential nutrients and sparkling fresh breath.