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The Stack Pack

The Stack Pack

STACK IT! - It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Our complete foundational wellness program. Essential plant-based Vitamin C, D and Zinc with CleanCurcumin™ nanoparticles that can be “stacked” (mixed) into your favourite cold beverage or drink bottle for comprehensive support and protection for the whole body.
100% Plant BasedNon GMO30 Day Supply

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STACK IT! - it’s as easy as 1,2,3

A Functional Food Program Like No Other

Real health is built with real plant-based nutrients. Each liquid formula provides a necessary part of your functional foundation. Essential nutrients, immune boosters, powerful antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories and a host of specialty botanicals amplify the benefits even more.

Stacking (mixing) the products together is the best way to get the most from all this plant-based power.


This Pack Contains

  1. Herbal Harmonizer with CleanCurcumin™: Loaded with additional synergistic botanicals to bring body systems back into harmony. Bioavailable CleanCurcumin™ nanoparticles deeply penetrate problem areas of the body. Experience Natural relief and protection with this powerful antioxidant complex.
  2. Micro Mist Ultra D3: For Brain Power, Strong Bones, Healthy Heart, Restful Sleep and Strong Immunity. Enjoy luxury levels of real Vitamin D nanoparticles for full and rapid absorption into the blood. Each daily serving provides over 100% of the recommended adult intake of Vitamin D.
  3. 1x Ultra C Nano Drops with Zinc: For Energised Immunity, Youthful Skin and Supple Joints. 100% plant-based Vitamin C with synergistic botanicals for powerful full body defense. Each daily serving gives over 100% of the recommended adult intake of Vitamin C.
CleanCurcumin™ Nanoparticles

CleanCurcumin™ NanoparticlesMaster plant-based anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Nano Frankincense

Nano FrankincenseAnti-inflammatory synergist

Beta Caryophyllene

Beta CaryophylleneAnti-inflammatory synergist

Carnosic + Ursolic Acid

Carnosic + Ursolic AcidImmune synergists

Nano Turmeric Oil

Nano Turmeric OilAbsorption synergist

Nano Black Pepper

Nano Black PepperAbsorption synergist

Green Tea

Green TeaAntimicrobial, enhances nutrient absorption, boosts immune system

Monk Fruit

Monk FruitAntioxidant, low sugar sweetness


Pineapple100% plant-based flavour


SteviaAnti-microbial, sugar-free sweetness, prevents tooth decay


CinnamonAntimicrobial, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums


LemongrassAntimicrobial, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism

Sweet Basil

Sweet BasilAntimicrobial, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory

Mountain Pepper

Mountain PepperAntimicrobial, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex100% plant-based antioxidant

Acerola Cherry

Acerola CherryVitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, antioxidants

Amla Berry

Amla BerryVitamin C, antioxidants, immune synergist


Strawberry100% plant-based flavour, anti-microbials


JambuAntimicrobial, enhances absorption, soothing relief of teeth and gums


ZincImmune synergist

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer MossPlant-based source of Vitamin D3 created by natural sunlight


PeppermintAntimicrobial, enhances breathing, concentration and nutrient uptake

Pine Needle

Pine NeedleAntimicrobial, tooth and gum relief, enhances mood and breathing


SpearmintAntimicrobial, relieves stress and sore throat, digestive enhancer


RosemaryAntimicrobial, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant

According to the insert provided in The Stack Pack Box, squirt each product into a drink bottle or glass and simply add water to the taste desired.

The quantity of water can range anywhere from 350ml to 750ml as a guide line, but technically you can add whatever you find pleasurable.