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Nano Raw with Holy Basil

Nano Raw with Holy Basil

Fast Acting Nourishing Nanoparticles

Experience the full rejuvenating power of full-spectrum Hemp with CBDA and CBD nanoparticles to deeply penetrate the problem areas to help you conquer stress and balance your biology with this delicious oral spray.
Plant BasedNon GMO30 Day Supply

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As popular as CBD products are, pure cannabinoids taste awful and aren’t well absorbed by the body.

Nano Raw is a Hemp raw cannabinoid mouth spray that tastes delicious, is easy to use and absorbs into the body quickly and easily.

And the 100% plant-based, sugar-free formula includes Holy Basil, a revered adaptogen that battles stress and helps the body remain balanced and healthy.

Hemp Extract

Hemp ExtractNatural Hemp cannabinoids help cope with stress and promote health through the whole body.


PeppermintAntimicrobial, enhances breathing, concentration and nutrient uptake


SpearmintAntimicrobial, relieves stress and sore throat, digestive enhancer

Mountain Pepper

Mountain PepperAntimicrobial, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

Sweet Basil

Sweet BasilAntimicrobial, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory


LemongrassAntimicrobial, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism


CinnamonAntimicrobial, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums

Green Tea

Green TeaAntimicrobial, enhances nutrient absorption, boosts immune system


RosemaryAntimicrobial, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant

Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex100% plant-based antioxidant


SteviaAnti-microbial, sugar-free sweetness, prevents tooth decay

Spray into mouth anytime, day or night.