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NanoPet Curcumin NanoGel

NanoPet Curcumin NanoGel

Support Your Pet With Nourishing Nanoparticles

Flavorless and odorless, this highly bioavailable Curcumin supplement with CleanCurcumin™ nanoparticles deeply nourishes and penetrates problem areas for superior relief and protection for your pet. This product is 100% synthetic chemical free.
Plant BasedNon GMONanoGel Technology

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“The best thing for your best friend”

We all already love the wellness foundation building and nourishing nanoparticles from the Nano Nutrients range; now you can easily give your pet the same edge!

Made with CleanCurcumin™ for pets, the power of fully absorbable Curcumin now in a convenient gut-friendly, plant-based prebiotic gel that is practically flavorless.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply add to their food or let them lick a blob of gel from your finger.

Curcumin NanoGel is a powerful health promoter that is perfect for supporting your pet’s joints, skin, brain and gut. Safe for all animals of all ages.

CleanCurcumin™ Nanoparticles

CleanCurcumin™ NanoparticlesMaster plant-based anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Aloe Digestive Extract

Aloe Digestive ExtractSupports digestive health

Cellulose Digestive Aid

Cellulose Digestive AidSupports digestive health

Hemp Seed Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp Seed Essential Fatty AcidsEssential fats to support cellular health

Mountain Pepper

Mountain PepperAntimicrobial, relief for sore throat, teeth and gums, protects oral cavity

Sweet Basil

Sweet BasilAntimicrobial, immune booster, protects gums, anti-inflammatory


LemongrassAntimicrobial, sleep enhancer, antioxidant, stimulates metabolism


CinnamonAntimicrobial, antioxidant, boosts immune system, protects teeth and gums

Green Tea

Green TeaAntimicrobial, enhances nutrient absorption, boosts immune system


RosemaryAntimicrobial, protects nerves and arteries, brain booster, antioxidant

Add to your pets food, and mix with their favorite snack - or simply let them lick it off of your finger!